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At PCT customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We understand that we serve different customers with different needs. To better serve our customers we create Per-Print Specials upon request. We offer a 2-3 day turnaround on the majority of the specials listed below. Please note that we require a drawing for all special quote requests, to ensure that all of your specifications are met.

Submitting a Quote

You can submit your quote request to sales@pctcutters.com or you can fax your order to (562)926-0156. If you need assistance from one of our technical experts, please contact us directly at (562)921-7898.


♦  2 Step Drill Form
♦  8xD - 16xD Double Margin High Performance Drill Form
♦  8xD - 16xD Triple Margin High Performance Drill Form
♦  20xD - 30xD Double Margin High Performance Drill Form
♦  20xD - 30xD Triple Margin High Performance Drill Form
♦  Double Margin Straight Flute Drill Form
♦  Drill Chamfer Form
♦  Drill Mill Form
♦  Drill Form
♦  Extended Neck Drill Form
♦  Four Margin Straight Flute Step Drill Form
♦  High Performance Drill Form
♦  Keyseat Cutters (FULL RADIUS) Drill Form
♦  Single Step Drill Form
♦  Step Drill Counterbore Form
♦  Straight Flute Drill Form
♦  Straight Flute Step Drill Form


♦  Back Corner Rounding End Mill Form
♦  Ball Nose Form
♦  Chamfer Pointed Form
♦  Chamfer Cutters Form
♦  Clearance Ball Form
♦  Clearance Cutter Form
♦  Coarse Pitch Rougher Form
♦  Concave Radius Cutters Form
♦  Corner Rounding End Mills Form
♦  Curve Cut M-Milled
♦  Curve Cut G-Ground
♦  Die Sinking Cutter Form
♦  Double Angle Shank Cutter Form
♦  Dovetail Cutter Form
♦  Dovetail Cutter (NECK RADIUS) Form
♦  Dovetail Cutter (REACHED) Form
♦  End Mill Form
♦  Extended Coarse Pitch Rougher Form
♦  Extended Fine Pitch Ball Rougher Form
♦  Extended Fine Pitch Rougher Form
♦  Extended Neck End Mill Form
♦  Extended Truncated Ball Rougher Form
♦  Extended Truncated Rougher Form
♦  Fine Pitch Ball Rougher Form
♦  Fine Pitch Rougher Form
♦  Lollypop Cutter Form
♦  Key Seat Form
♦  Tapered Ball Nose Form
♦  Tapered End Mill Form
♦  Truncated Ball Rougher Form
♦  Truncated Rougher Form


♦  Reamer Form
♦  Step Reamer Form

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