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At PCT we offer re-sharpening services for all your end mills and drills. This is a cost-saving service offered to all of our customers. You can reduce your costs, by re-sharpening and re-using your old end mills/drills. Tool re-sharpening takes an average of about 3-5 days. Your end mills/drills can be re-sharpened according to your specifications. For your convenience, re-coating for re-sharpened tools is available through our in-house coating facility. PCT assures that your end mills/drills are reliable and perform like-new after our re-sharpening process. Please note that as an extended service, PCT will offer local pick-up and delivery for your re-sharpened cutting tools. To receive a quote for cutting tool re-sharpening, please give us a call at (562) 921-7898 or email us at sales@pctcutters.com.



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